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When A Spouse of A Legal Resident in The USA Has Cancer and She Lives in Cuba.

Updated: Feb 11, 2022

We would like to inform you all that Yaylin got her expedite visa approval. Thank you all for the support given to Yaylin's case.

Cancer patients feel pressure to maintain a positive mental attitude, and too often, this pressure prevents them from expressing their true feelings. Your partner might hold back in sharing legitimate fears because they do not want to disappoint or burden you or think negative emotions jeopardize healing. It is the suppression of fears, sorrow, or anger that could affect your partner's psychological adjustment and immune response. Your loved one probably has good reasons to be worried and upset, as well as to feel optimistic. It would help if you tried to support and validate both emotions (not only the positive ones). Yaylin has had only bad news about her immigration case in limbo since the closure of the Consular Services for relatives of Cuban-Americans at The US Embassy in Havana, Cuba.

She has been waiting for an interview since April 2020. Without any hope with the refusal of this administration to reinstate the Consular Services in Havana for relatives of Cuban American Families. Her husband is worried about the disease of his wife.

The current situation with the COVID-19 impacted in a negative form on the corrupted and broken economy in Cuba. Cancer patients suffer from a lack of medication to treat their diseases, and Yaylin is one of them.

She is suffering from a ductal carcinoma DCIS grade 3. As we know, the probability of survival for patients diagnosed with DCIS has an excellent long-term breast-cancer-specific survival of around 98% after ten years of follow-up, but this happens when the patient is not exposed to a lack of medication to treat its disease, as Yaylin is. She had surgery and had to provide the gloves for the doctors during her surgery because there were no available gloves in the hospital.

Husband asked for help to process her case as an expedited case at the office of Rep. Carlos Jimenez on December 13, 2021. One of the assistants at the office has said to Yaylin's husband that they must wait until six weeks for an answer. He also asked for help from the office of Congresswoman Maria Elvira Salazar. This office refused help to Yaylin's husband, as he is not a part of the congresswoman district; the same happened at the office of Representative Mario Diaz Balart. The office of the representative Carlos Gimenez does not answer Yaylin's husband about the expedited visa, and the deadline of six weeks is over.

The time is running for Yaylin, a patient with cancer on an island without medicines to treat her disease, and useless representatives refusing help to a patient with cancer.

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