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Political influences, lies, politics, and suffering. The limbo of 100,000 Cuban American Families.

Updated: Jan 2, 2022

During the last four years, The Cuban American Families have been suffering the separation of their relatives, getting no answers to their claims from the previous administration.

During his presidential campaign, President Biden promised help to the Cuban American Families to resolve more than 100,000 visas backlog since the closure of the US Embassy in Havana, Cuba.

Since this happened, the Embassy kept providing consular services for relatives of members of the Communist Party in Cuba as the daughter of the Vice Minister of Culture Fernando Rojas and the niece of the General Director for US Affairs at the Cuban Foreign Ministry Carlos Fernandez de Cossio. Relatives of both representatives of the communist regime of Cuba traveled to New York and Chicago at the end of 2018 and April 2019 during The Trump administration.

The most recent case is The Cuban Baseball Players getting visas at the same US embassy closed for relatives of U.S. Citizens and Legal Residents.

Could Cuban American Families consider that everything was a lie to stop the legal immigration of Cubans to The U.S.A.? At some points, it could be; and it is an embarrassment that this administration is still using the same excuses that the previous administration used to stop the legal immigration of Cubans. The proof of this affirmation is clear. How can an embassy provide consular services to the government allegedly involved in the attack on our diplomats? But, it cannot provide consular services for relatives of U.S citizens and legal Residents? The answer is simple, to avoid the legal immigration of Cubans, accomplishing one of the goals of Trump's administration when he promised to stop not only the illegal immigration, also the legal as well, and as Cubans were coming in a higher percentage each year, this situation was affecting the anti-immigrant rhetoric from President Trump.

The truth is that the mysterious sonic attacks were the perfect excuse for the Trump Administration to stop the legal immigration of Cubans to The USA and following his policy, as the Ambassador Jeffrey DeLaurentis said in an interview.

The question now is, Why does Biden's administration keep using the same excuse to stop the legal immigration of Cubans if the same sonic attacks have been happening at another embassies around the world and none of them have stopped their consular services?

Is The Biden Administration doing this in revenge just because the majority of Cubans voted for Trump?

Also, some actors and musicians are the beneficiaries of some politicians in Miami; as Alexander Delgado thanked Senator Marco Rubio for helping him bring her daughter from Cuba in an expedited time.

Something ironic, as Senator Rubio refused to help thousand of Cuban American Families to be reunified with their relatives as well. Do Cuban Americans claiming legally for their relatives in Cuba need to be famous musicians to get the attention of Senator Rubio? If this is true, the senator does not represent all its people, just some selected as the communist party does in Cuba.

However, some Cuban actors from a popular Youtube show in Miami had had the opportunity to be reunified with their relatives in an expedited time, something unable for more than 100,000 Cuban American Families in a migratory limbo that is still waiting in some cases more than ten years.

In the meantime, Cuban American families who wait to bring their relatives legally will not be allowed to do it, as the musicians and actors, because they have been fighting for almost five years, others almost ten years with their rights completely ignored and without any support or benefit from any Senator. It is unacceptable to see that thousands of US citizens cannot be reunified with their relatives as they do not have the support of any senator, as musicians and actors have.

It is unacceptable that something like this happens in a democratic country like the US. People who pay taxes, who follow the law are ignored and not giving answers to their claims.

Children are the most affected in this limbo, unable to be reunified with their parents.

"I am very sad because I have waited a long time to be with my dad. Please, President Biden, open the US Embassy so I will be reunified with my family"

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