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One of our thousands of sad histories.

Updated: Jul 25, 2021

The story that I show you today is sorrowful. It is about a Cuban mother who, 5 years ago, began a reunification process for her son, who is already 18 years old, this mother, 1 year and a half ago, was diagnosed with ovarian cancer. It was metastasized in the peritoneum. Now she is suffering from pleural effusion; bone has fluid in her lungs, every time it accumulates, doctors extract it, using an excruciating procedure. She requested an expedited visa, but on that occasion, Immigration Officials told her that they would continue working in his case, but unfortunately, the presidential proclamation from the previous administration stopping any legal immigration to the US. It made this mother unable to get a visa at that moment for her son. She only wants to be with her child for the little or long time she has left, please help us make the dream of this mother real, and she can be reunited with her son. Cuban families are desperate.

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