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Another heartbreaking story.

Updated: Jul 25, 2021

A daughter is suffering when she sees her sick, elderly parents living alone, and she cannot be with them. Their only daughter, to take care of them and be with them, the father barely walks because he has Parkinson's, her mother is blind, she suffers from diabetic nephropathy For 5 years and also walking with difficulty, they depend on people who assign them 1 or 2 hours a day to help them. This family attended their interview 4 years ago; their case is was CFRP (Cuban Family Reunification Parole). This program was stopped by the previous administration when some US diplomats were injured by the sonic attacks, stopping at the same time the hope of thousands of Cuban-American Families to be reunified with their family members. This program has been detained since 2017, so all these family processes are in limbo with all the current fees already paid. We are asking this administration to find a solution for all these families suffering the separation. Please, there are many cases with the same situation. We need to resume consular services in Havana.

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