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About us?

In Cuba, it is very common for families to outgrow their metaphorical shells and to thus seek greener pastures. The least encumbered of us will often leave the country in search of opportunity, but in doing so, we also have to leave behind half our hearts. Upon arriving in a new country filled with opportunities, we start working very hard to achieve our dreams. We dream to bring ourselves into a life of abundance, to leave behind want and worry, but most importantly, we strive to start a legal Family Reunification Process. We dream this process will someday allow us to be reunited with the loved ones we had to leave behind.

The dreams and happiness of many Cuban families were left broken in 2017 when the so-called “Havana syndrome” happened at the US Embassy in Havana, Cuba. After these attacks, many families that had already completed their Reunification processes, that were waiting on an interview date, waiting to pick up their travel documents; were left forgotten and with no answer at all in regards to our cases on hold. They simply closed the embassy, leaving all of our dreams in there with no answers.

It has been 5 long and exhausting years full of tears and suffering. Five years of
birthdays, holidays, and special dates away from each other. Five years where our mental health has been affected tremendously by being in this limbo. Five years of illness, hard moments, and a pandemic without being able to be there for each other. Five years of hoping, praying, and asking for someone to help us while we continue to be ignored. Five years of dreaming about the moment we can hug each other again and start working towards our dream in a country we value and where we can truly be free.

During these 5 years, many of those families on hold have lost their loved ones in the
process. Others have their children reaching the age majority, and having to undergo mandatory military service in Cuba. Others have lost their jobs and their careers while waiting for something to change or someone to help. During these past 5 years, petitioners of these cases have gathered in different manifestations asking for help. We have assisted meetings with state representatives who promised to help us and find a solution. We have called different government and immigration offices asking for help and for the past five years, the answer has always been the same: “We
are working on it”. We have sent letters, of which we have proof, to state representatives and government agencies; including the president of two different administrations and still we have received no help in regard to this matter.

Cuban Family Reunification Parole is a program created in 2007 to help Cuban
families reunite. It was an invitation we officially received from the government and for which we had to complete extra processing and paid extra. During these 5 years, we have been told it can’t be processed outside of Cuba and due to the attacks; is not safe at the embassy.

Our question is “why us?” Why are we, the Cuban families, US citizens, and
residents of this country paying for what happened at the Embassy in Havana, Cuba? For all these years we have proposed different ways in which our cases could have been continued and be completed. We live in a world of technological advances, so why not allow for online interviews to happen? We also have proposed traveling to other Embassies like regular reunification cases do and still that was not an option for us.
We have also proposed opening an Interest Section like it  what was used back in 2008, and still no luck at this. Since 2017 we have begged, cried, and prayed for help, but all we receive is silence. During these 5 years, we understood how it could be dangerous for American personnel to be at the Embassy in Havana, however we are aware that the embassy has never been closed fully. The American flag is still in the air. Artists, politicians, and most recently athletes’ visas are still being processed inside the Embassy in Havana; so what is the truth behind this?
Why are we being ignored after we did everything legally? We paid the fees and have followed the law; yet other processes can be completed at the same Embassy that still tells us no 5 years later.

We are also aware that these kinds of attacks have been occurring at different places
including most recently here in the United States at the White House. However, only Cuban Family Reunification parole families are being denied their basic processes. Why are these attacks that are meant to instill fear allowed to be successful?

We can’t handle any more suffering. This is about the families. This is about the children separated from their mothers not understanding why. This is about the siblings that don’t get to be there for each other during the good and bad times. This is about the couples that are anxiously waiting to be together and build a family. This is about the grandparents waiting to have all their grandchildren reunited around the table. This is about the young people dreaming of arriving in the USA to study. This is about the cousins waiting to high five each other at the other end of those 90 miles.

Traveling to Washington and peacefully asking for our rights and for our process to be
reconsidered is our last remaining solution to this painful situation we have been living in since 2017. We are hopeful that traveling to Washington will open the doors to our family’s reunification as it has for other immigrant groups. Our families also matter; our families deserve at least an answer. No one deserves being in a limbo not knowing about their process for 5 years.

We ask that our cases are be taken into greater consideration and that policy makers try to place themselves in our shoes. We had nothing to with these attacks. We are hardworking US citizens and residents who contribute to this country daily; yet we have been ignored and disrespected for the past 5 years. We ask this administration to please revise the unfair policies that have been in place since 2017 and continue to divide us to this very day. We are a civic movement for a humanitarian cause. Our goal is about love and family reunification because…
"Families belong together"


"Family is where life begins and love never ends"

Our Mission

Our Mission

Our Mission is to ensure that families legally and fairly achieve such a long-awaited union for which many of us have been waiting for many years. Since 2017, after the closure of the consular services in The North American Embassy in Cuba, our families in the process of reunification have been stranded, without answers and living in constant agony waiting for someone to help us and solve this sad situation.


Our Vision

Our Vision is to ensure that relative of Cuban-American Families can be treated equally without any kind of discrimination and their rights to get a safe and legal immigration to The US respected.

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